‘Tis the season to win a super-cool smart phone camera lens

Sony-Lens-PhotoWhen we spun-out the company a few years ago, we wanted to share with the biomedical community the passion, the energy and fun we have with imaging analysis. So we started doing our holiday email campaign where we take something related to that holiday and do some imaging and some analysis in the spirit of fun. One of our most popular holiday emails was last year’s holiday decoration contest, where we took pictures from a few different holiday light decoration home displays and quantitatively analyzed them. Then we asked our friends throughout the internet community to take a look at those pictures and vote which they felt were, let’s just say, closest to the lighting output of the Sun.

This year we’ve raised the bar. We are conducting a contest. However, instead of ImageIQ picking the three images that we analyze, you can snap the pic, send it in, and have your Internet colleagues vote. And the winner gets super cool smart phone lens.

Fun speaks to a bit of the culture here at ImageIQ. We have a passion for imaging, having a good time with it, using it to explore new things and look at things in a different way, and love to bring the thrill of discovery to our clients. I hope all our blog fans will snap some outrageous house pics, and send them in and maybe you will find that the picture is voted most gaudy, or best dressed or something like that.

Click Here to submit a photo.

Have a wonderful end of the year.  We’ll certainly see you in 2014!

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