Getting Involved

Image of intersecting lightRecently, I had the opportunity to be invited to an open house at IMARC Research, as they welcomed the community into its’ beautiful new facility. One of the things that IMARC’s President Sandra Maddock did was to arrange an opportunity for a small group of local executives here in Cleveland to meet with several of our government representatives on the federal, state and city levels. We had the opportunity to sit down and talk with them about the challenges we face as business leaders and hear their perspective about what’s going on.

Towards the end of the meeting, after us local business leaders had said our peace and had given our representatives an earful, which I’m sure they’re used to, I asked them a question. “You have given a lot of your time to listen to our concerns and we certainly hope that you will go back and shape things to allow us to continue on our mission of improving the quality of patients’ lives through bioscience. My question is this: what can we do for you?” And while the answer may have been predictable, it was interesting and struck a chord with me. The answer was this: get involved.

It was actually Congressman Jim Renaci who eloquently replied, “Get involved. We need to hear what your challenges are; we need to understand what the dynamics are. Your representatives need to know that, we need that feedback.”

And I thought how interesting is it that in the United States we live in a place where we do have a voice (although sometimes it does seem like a small voice). We can influence the policies and the way that things are done. We have the opportunity to talk to the folks that represent us. And that’s not true everywhere in the world. I wanted to share that thought and the idea that we need to get involved with what we believe in and what we think is important. Because that’s how all of this works.

I’d like to extend a thanks to Sandra Maddock and the entire IMARC team for inviting me to the open house. It was a great time, and was wonderful to see all the people who attended. Congratulations on their new facility and continued success. It’s great to be a part of their “getting involved” community.

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