The Power of YES

Image of pencil underlining the word Yes! So last night I was out in the backyard with my wife inspecting the results of our latest landscaping effort. I walked into the back door of our home, and my middle daughter says, “Dad, come stand by the TV, hurry up! We’re watching a Jim Carey movie!” (For those of you who haven’t met me, there is a general consensus that I look a little bit like Jim Carey. If you’d like to verify, check out one of our Imaging Bytes videos and maybe you can render your own opinion.) They were watching the movie Yes Man. Watching it fostered this blog topic – the power of YES.  And pardon my over-capitalization, but it reflects just how powerful it can be.

It reminded me of an article I read about a team that has developed a way to detect if a medical device has been infected with a computer virus by monitoring its power usage. Spectacular. I can see how it would work.  I’m sad to say I never would have come up with the idea myself. But I can only imagine the conversation that’s around the table somewhere where somebody said, “I’ve got an idea.” I bet when these viruses or malware gets on a computer it changes the way it consumes power. I bet we can detect this.”

Imagine the reaction around the table – and think about the power of YES. And as it turns out, as reported by Mass Device, it looks like they may have accomplished something that is a huge benefit for the safety of medical devices. Especially as we continue to push into electronic health records and there’s more of an ability for these devices to integrate directly into an electronic health record.

And so it reminds me a little bit about our daily work at ImageIQ. A lot of times we run into the power of YES and maybe the “challenges” of NO. That when you don’t know what’s possible, and you’re afraid to ask the “what if” question. When you think YES is not an option, it has a tendency to limit what you can do, where you can go and what you’re capable of.  So, like Jim Carey in Yes Man, and the folks over at Watts Up Doc – who have created an incredible plug-in power meter – think about the power of YES.

At ImageIQ, “can it be done, and if so, how” is an organizational standard that has created an environment of innovation for our clients, and dare I say it – YES folks!!

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